Hello and welcome to the Mistland Prattlers official website. Right now Lex and Tisha work on the second book based on the Mistland universe. It’s a collection of more than twenty adventure stories about Knite and his friends — Mora, Kiki and Xavier, and they are as spooky and mysterious as tales of Mistland should be. Together with the main characters the readers will be discovering the dark secrets of twilight foggy forests full of ghosts, graverotters, hiphoblins, hell brats, artificial beings and other creatures.

The working title for the book is A Ghostwatcher’s Guide to Mistland and Beyond.

Along with the book there will be a music album of the same title featuring the same number of songs as the number of stories in the book. Unlike ‘Music of Mistland, Luceria and the Ocean of Sunset’ that consists entirely of instrumental tracks, the new album will be a collection of songs sung by Mistland Prattlers themselves: Knite, Xavier, Witch Sisters, The Gardener, Pale Lady, Immortal Brothers, demons, creatures of Blackwoods, etc.